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Blue Ridge Cyber Security Products

1. What is zero-day malware?

Zero day malware is a previously unidentified computer virus for which no specific antivirus software signature is available. Traditional antivirus software relies upon signatures to identify malware, but signature-based approaches cannot defend against malware until samples of the virus are obtained, signatures generated and updates distributed to users. That is why signature-based approaches are not effective against zero-day malware.

2. Does AppGuard prevent ransomware and other types of cyberattacks?

Yes, AppGuard offers comprehensive security protection.  For example, ransomware generally manifests itself through a drive-by download attack from a web browser or an email attachment.  AppGuard prevents drive-by download attacks from running, and is effective in stopping phishing attacks, data theft, ID theft, and many other types of prevalent threats.

3. Can I still use my antivirus software if I have AppGuard?

Yes and in fact we recommend you continue to have antivirus software.  AppGuard is compatible with most widely used antivirus software tools including free ones.  You can use your antivirus tool to periodically check your computer as a normal maintenance function which is good security practice.

4. Can I still use my built-in firewall protection?

Yes, and again, we recommend using readily available security tools to help protect you.  If you find the overhead of using these types of tools is too cumbersome, you can cease to use their active scanning mode.  AppGuard protection will continue to protect you as your first line of defense.

5. What should I do if AppGuard reports a blocking event?

If the AppGuard tray icon is flashing, open the AppGuard Activity Report from the user interface to obtain information about the blocking event. Click on any of the events in the Activity Report for more detail. The following types of events are reported.

  • A potential malware attack from a USB device was blocked.
  • A suspicious installation was stopped to protect your system.
  • A suspicious attempt to modify your application was prevented.
  • A suspicious attempt to steal information from your application was stopped.
  • An unauthorized configuration change in the system registry was prevented.

6. I am having trouble installing a new software product.  What should I do?

When installing new software programs, open the AppGuard main interface.

Reduce AppGuardā€™s protection level to Install mode, and the Install option will be displayed.


If the software installation requires a reboot to complete, uncheck the Automatically resume ... checkbox.

Remember to raise the protection level once the software installation is complete.

7. What can I do to recover my license if I change PCs or my PC crashes?

If the PC still has internet access, uninstall AppGuard first to make one more license available. Otherwise, email to recover your license. Include the following in your email:

  • Your name and email address
  • The approximate date of your purchase

8. How can I get information on advanced configurations of AppGuard?

Please refer to the product’s online help.  If you have additional questions about advanced settings, send your questions to